New Jersey Education Report follows a Code of Journalistic Standards and Ethics. This Code defines our expectations and aspirations for the conduct of the news platform. Much of the language below is in place at other distinguished American news organizations

  • NJER’s reporting will be truthful and transparent. There will be no hidden agendas in our endeavors. Our facts will be accurate. Our analysis will represent our best independent judgment.
  • NJER will never plagiarize. We will always attribute, take responsibility for the accuracy of the platform’s work, and verify information before releasing it. NJER will never deliberately distort facts or context, including visual information.
  • When NJER makes a mistake, we will work quickly to fully address the error, correcting it within the story and showcasing it to our readers.
  • NJER will not republish stories, images or other content from outside sources without permission and credit.
  • NJER will grant individuals anonymity only when the information is critical to the story and we are certain the source is reliable.
  • NJER will never misrepresent ourselves or mislead a source to get an interview or a story.
  • NJER will not pay for interviews.
  • NJER will always name and quote credible sources, except in cases where pseudonyms or composite characters are required to protect the identity of sources. In such cases this practice will be stated clearly.

Overall, NJER pledges to be fair. Whenever we portray someone in a negative light, we will make an effort to obtain a response from that person. What is “reasonable” may depend on the urgency and competitiveness of the story. If we don’t reach the parties involved, we should explain in the story what efforts were made to do so.