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Princeton Black Parents Defend Superintendent As Battle Wages Over Ousted Principal

There’s a melee going on in Princeton where Superintendent Carol Kelley is under attack because the local School Board accepted her recommendation to not renew

Newark News

Newark Superintendent Plots a Billion Dollar Bond For Buildings He Doesn’t Need

Newark Superintendent Roger Leon has big plans for New Jersey’s largest district: a $1 billion bond to refurbish school buildings. As Leon obsesses over his

Asbury Park News

Asbury Park Mom: Our Superintendent Is Destroying Our School District

Tiasia Newman is a parent in Asbury Park and a columnist for the Asbury Park Reporter. I think it’s safe to say my first Board

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Another NJ Republican Demands Legislature Restore Full Funding for Schools

Mike Pappas, candidate for New Jersey State Senate, urges legislators to restore full funding for school districts while the State Senate is in session today.


What Are the Free Speech Rights of a Transphobic School Board Member? Looking at Hunterdon Regional.

How much leeway does a school board member have when opining on hot-button issues–or any issues at all? This question is at the heart of


GASWIRTH: This Teacher Sick Leave Bill Hurts Students, Parents, and Taxpayers While Rewarding Union Interests

Dr. Marc Gaswirth, a retired public school administrator, has written extensively for nearly 50 years about public sector bargaining and school human resources. Can schools

Camden News

Camden City Schools Offering $10K Bonuses In Attempt to Fill Teacher Slots

Last June Newark Public Schools offered new teachers in hard-to-fill subjects a $4,000 signing bonus. Last fall Paterson Public Schools offered new teachers a $7,500

Parent Voices School News

NJ Public Education Coalition Demands Murphy Administration Force Districts To Fully Implement New Health Education Standards.

In a March 14th Press Release, the New Jersey Public Education Coalition requested guidance with regard to Local School districts that are failing to completely

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What Are New Jersey’s ‘Hidden Education Funding Cuts’ And How Do We Make the Math Work?

Back in 2018 the New Jersey School Boards Association predicted the Murphy Administration’s new school funding law called S2, which limits property tax increases to


New Bill Would Ban Disposable Utensils in Schools

A new bill proposal in the New Jersey State Legislature, A5531, sponsored by Assemblyman Herb Conaway (Burlington) would prohibit food service businesses from providing single-use

By The Numbers News

O’Scanlon & Testa Say Trenton Democrats Are Prioritizing Pork Over School Funding in State Budget

Senator Declan O’Scanlon and Senator Michael Testa said Governor Phil Murphy and legislative Democrats have prioritized funding political pork projects at the expense of schools

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