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BREAKING: Department of Education Cancels Fall State Standardized Tests

Today the Murphy Administration’s Department of Education announced that they’ve cancelled the fall Start Strong statewide assessments. These tests were given first in Fall 2021

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GOP Senate Candidate and Assemblywomen Denounce Dems Refusal to Fully Restore Murphy’s School Aid Cuts

State Senate Candidate Steve Dnistrian, and Assemblywomen Marilyn Piperno & Kim Eulner are denouncing the Senate Democrats’ plan to only partially restore the massive cuts


TAILLEFER: Three Ways Gov. Murphy Can Solve the Teacher Shortage

Jared Taillefer is the executive director of The Great Oaks Legacy Charter School in Newark. The teacher shortage is reaching a breaking point in New Jersey. The

By The Numbers Camden Newark News

New Study: Do Charter Schools Drain Resources From Traditional Public Schools?

The Fordham Institute has a new study asking the question, “Do Charter Schools Drain Resources From Traditional Charter Schools?”  If you share allegiance with teacher


Piperno, Eulner Criticize Costly and Ineffective Start Strong Testing Requirement

Assemblywomen Marilyn Piperno and Kim Eulner strongly oppose a fourth year of state-run Start Strong testing, citing concerns about its relevance, utility, and the estimated

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Is There Really a Culture of Violence at Central Regional High School?

“I walk the halls every day. I see a lot of good kids doing a lot of good things. There is not a culture of

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LILLEY: Threatened By Agency Overseeing Dark Money PAC’s, Murphy Takes Revenge

As the Bergen Record‘s Charlie Stile sees it, Gov. Murphy’s move to weaken New Jersey’s independent elections watchdog (ELEC) amounts to “New Jersey politics at their worst.” There’s a

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U.S. Supreme Court Unanimously Rules In Favor of Deaf Student Who Was Denied a Sign Language Interpreter

In a decision that parents of children with disabilities are celebrating–and has ramifications for American families that decide to exercise their right to due process—

By The Numbers Lakewood

Lakewood Demands Another State Loan It Will Never Pay Back

Talk about inflation! Lakewood Public Schools District just introduced its 2023-20224 budget which comes in at $264.4 million. In order to balance the books, the

Montclair News

Montclair Shows Us What’s Wrong With Our Tenure System

Maria Francisco is principal of Renaissance Middle School, part of the Montclair Public Schools District. Parent Leslie Rubisch says Francisco, who is a gay woman

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Jersey Parent Condemns Her School District’s Lack of Budget Clarity

Sai Bhargavi lives in Berkeley Heights, which she and her husband chose in order, she says, to raise their child in what she calls “a

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