November 7, 2022

JAMES: Roger, You Are the Newark Superintendent. Why Are You Lying To Us?

As many of you have read over the months, I like to try to create some good trouble in Newark. Sometimes I push the line, […]
September 22, 2022

JAMES: The New Pandemic In Newark!

We have more than one pandemic in Newark. As if COVID’s not enough, we have an escalating disease of car-jacking, car theft, and violence, particularly […]
April 1, 2022

JAMES: Murphy Has Put Our Children’s Educational Futures at Risk and We’re Fed Up

Most recently, in “Murphy Just Put a Ceiling on my Daughter’s Future,” I wrote about the developing educational crisis here in New Jersey. Thanks to […]
February 28, 2022

JAMES: Murphy Just Put a Ceiling On My Daughter’s Future

You all know I wear a lot of hats. Housing developer. Community activist. Political observer. But by far my most important role is that of […]
February 7, 2022

JAMES: A Cry For the Students of Malcolm X Shabazz High School

I’m not sure if everyone has been reading their emails or seeing the reports in the news, but if things were not challenging enough, it […]
January 24, 2022

JAMES: Anxiety Is Real In Newark As Superintendent León Fails the Leadership Test

As a housing developer and a community activist, I have a lot of reasons to walk around our city.  It is something I really enjoy.  […]